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National Nonprofit Day 2022: What it is and 7 ways to celebrate

Everything you need to know about this special day of appreciation and seven ways you can join in.

Reisa Shanaman
July 26, 2022
Nerd Mr Butter

Table of contents

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Table of contents


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National Nonprofit Day is a holiday dedicated to recognizing the hard work of nonprofit professionals and the crucial, positive impact that charities and NGOs across the world have on their communities. Speaker, author, and business strategist Sherita J. Herring first introduced National Nonprofit Day in 2017.

When is National Nonprofit Day?

National Nonprofit Day is August 17 every year, commemorating the Tariff Act, which the US Congress signed into law on this day in 1894. The Tariff Act taxed corporations but excluded nonprofits in honor of their unique importance and significant societal contributions. 

Why should my nonprofit organization participate? 

An estimated 35 million people donated a record-breaking $2.7B on Giving Tuesday 2021 in the United States alone. Although National Nonprofit Day isn't as gigantic a day (yet!), the implication is clear. Charitable giving is continuing to trend upward, people give to feel good, and they like to do so in ways that connect them to something more significant—like a national holiday!

How to celebrate National Nonprofit Day 2022 

An easy way to capitalize on the giving spirit this August 17 is to use the #NationalNonprofitDay hashtag on social media to connect to the greater giving community. Joining the conversation online can help expand your organization's reach, spread your mission, churn out new donors, and mobilize existing ones.

As with Giving Tuesday, there are many more ways that nonprofits and individuals can participate in this special day. View this day as a choose-your-own-adventure opportunity to acknowledge staff and volunteers, promote your mission, share success stories, and raise funds for your organization. Consider what will resonate most with your community while helping meet your nonprofit's demands.

7 ways to make the most of National Nonprofit Day

1. Show appreciation 🤩

Use this time to acknowledge those contributing to your organization's success, from volunteers and employees to corporate partners and local businesses supporting your work. Send personalized thank yous, make phone calls, post on social media, or place ads in local publications—any way you want to express gratitude. Meaningfully engage the people propelling your mission forward by showing appreciation for their support and reminding them of their impact.

2. Mobilize volunteers 💪

National Nonprofit Day is a great opportunity to get new and long-time volunteers more involved in your mission. Turn August 17 into a day of action around your cause. Ask existing volunteers to bring a friend or family member for a fun and fulfilling day of service. Or, ask them to post on social media about why your organization is important to them, why they got involved, or how your work has impacted their life. Make sure to encourage the use of mentions and hashtags to connect with the greater nonprofit community and increase your visibility! 

3. Share impact 🏆

There is no better way to convey the positive impact of your nonprofit and promote its mission than by sharing specific examples of your life-changing work. Speak with members of your staff, volunteers, and people you serve to find out how you have made a mark on the community. Share their responses across social media channels, in a special newsletter, or in an e-blast to your network. 

4. Kick off a fundraising campaign 💸

Introduce a fundraising campaign that starts on National Nonprofit Day and concludes on Giving Tuesday to keep the momentum going and make the most of both holidays. We recommend launching a peer-to-peer campaign to engage your donor base and grow your network. Incentivize donors with special milestone merch like commemorative totes, pins, and t-shirts.

5. Empower advocates 📣

Research ways for members of your community to advocate for your cause. Provide specific, action-driven information that will encourage individuals to get involved on National Nonprofit Day and beyond. Find out what efforts are related to your cause, and help connect your community to them. Maybe you ask them to contact their elected officials, attend a rally, or sign a petition.

6. Host a virtual 101 👨‍🏫

Introduce new followers to your organization by holding a virtual workshop. Share your history, mission, services, and other essential information to enable individuals to become ambassadors for your charity. Be sure to include specific ways that participants can get involved and give them an "elevator pitch" for telling others about you. Don't forget to thank them for attending, share ways they can stay connected, and follow through with any engagement opportunities you discuss.

7. Use Givebutter to crush it this National Nonprofit Day 🧈

Regardless of how you participate in National Nonprofit Day, Givebutter has 160+ free fundraising features designed to help you roll out and execute a successful campaign. With top features like customizable, branded emails with a Canva integration, online donation forms, and an easy-to-use text-to-donate solution, we're here to help you spread your mission, connect with your donors, and reach your fundraising goals!

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