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How to participate in North Texas Giving Day 2022

Everything you need to know about this incredible fundraising opportunity for nonprofit organizations in North Texas—what it is, when it takes place, and how you can participate.

Anna Bean
June 9, 2022
Nerd Mr Butter

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Table of contents


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Since 2009, the Communities Foundation of Texas has hosted North Texas Giving Day, an annual online fundraising event where hundreds of nonprofits and potential donors gather together in one virtual location over the course of 18 hours. With over $440 million raised in the last thirteen years, this event has successfully grown awareness and crucial funds for nonprofits in North Texas.

This year, NTX Giving Day will take place on September 22, 2022. Registration is now open! 

How does North Texas Giving Day 2022 work?

Once your nonprofit gets registered and approved, you can start building your fundraising plan to maximize the impact of this event. Prep a compelling campaign to attract donor visitors to click on your fundraising page. Tell your story and explain how you’ll use the funds so new donors can feel confident in giving. And get ready to fire up your donor base and be present on social media during the event!

Why participate? 

  • Raise more money for your mission. Get in front of new donors, celebrate your mission and recruit new supporters. 👯
  • Be part of a movement: The Communities Foundation of Texas has partnered with several sponsors (including Amazon) to spread the word and make the event a success for all participating groups. 🗣
  • Participating on this exact day is so important. In 2021, North Texas Giving Day helped raise $66 million that benefitted over 3,300 local nonprofits. 🥳
  • Many participating nonprofits report this day as bringing in the largest amount of new donors to their organization! 💸
  • Heads up! This special event is only for North Texas nonprofits, so be sure to check your county before you sign up. 🔍
“North Texas Giving Day is the most popular day every year for individual donors to give to Trinity Habitat for Humanity. Each year, more than 300 donors come together to fund a family's entire home. That's more than $90K in a single day! The collective giving energy of the North Texas region and Trinity Habitat's matching sponsors inspire donors to be even more generous with their donations on North Texas Giving Day.”
Mark Rummel, former Marketing Director for North Texas-based organization Trinity Habitat for Humanity

How to sign up

  1. Double check your eligibility on the North Texas Giving Day website.
  2. Get registered! Registration for new and returning nonprofits is open as of Tuesday, June 7. The website does carry over information from last year for returning nonprofits.
  3. Start setting up a beautiful fundraising page that tells a story that will get people hooked into your mission! 

By the numbers

  • Every year the impact of North Texas Giving Day on area nonprofits increases. In 2021, NTX Giving Day raised $66 million, an increase of 12.24% compared to 2020, benefitting over 3,300 local nonprofits. 
  • Over the last thirteen years, the event has raised over $441 million for deserving nonprofits across North Texas. As the foundation says, “Everyone has the opportunity to be a philanthropist” during North Texas Giving Day. 
  • In 2020, North Texas Giving Day was mentioned in 826 articles, equating to around $2.5 million in PR Value. With this amount of attention on one event, it’s worth checking out. 

4 ways to make the most out of North Texas Giving Day in 2022

  1. Attend kickoff events to learn key best practices. These one-hour in-person sessions will cover everything from registration to the website and matching funds, early donations, and marketing tools.
  2. Download great resources from the Communities Foundation of Texas that include suggested deadlines, sample Tweets and Facebook posts, and tips for creating a great campaign. 
  3. Dive into all of the fundraising resources we have here at Givebutter: storytelling tips, social media strategies, and so much more. 
  4. Double your impact by lining up a matching donor. Nonprofits that secure 1:1 funds for North Texas Giving Day are more successful than those that do not and experience a 33.6% increase in donations. 

Use Givebutter to crush your giving the other 364 days of the year  🎉

With Givebutter’s completely free online fundraising platform, your nonprofit can put all of our tools and resources to use every day! From beautiful fundraising pages and donation forms to event tickets and live virtual events, there are so many ways that Givebutter can keep your donors engaged before and after NTX Giving Day! Check out these free features that can help reach your donors and tell your story:

  • Email: Craft emails to send to your donors. You can set custom branding to match your brand guidelines or spruce it up with the North Texas Giving Day designs. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 
  • Text-to-Donate: With more people making donations through their phones, this is an excellent opportunity to connect with potential donors and receive new donations by becoming mobile-friendly. 
  • Video: Using video is a great way to leverage your nonprofit storytelling. Use Givebutter to embed Youtube videos in both emails and text messages. 

We’ll be cheering for your organization as North Texas Giving Day approaches, and we’re here to help you sustain that fundraising magic before, during, and after!

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