Source Tracking


Track the effectiveness of different marketing strategies by knowing how each donor found your fundraising campaign

Raise more with better marketing insights

Whether you are using a Donate Button, Donation Form, or Donation Bubble, Source Tracking is automatically available on every page of your website when you add Givebutter Elements.

  • Make smarter marketing decisions by knowing how each donor found your fundraising campaign
  • Filter, analyze, and take action on the results as all donation Source Tracking data automatically flows directly into Track, Givebutter's completely free donor management CRM
  • Track source data no matter what page of your website a donor visits first and for up to 30 days when the donor leaves and comes back later to make their donation

With Givebutter Elements and Track, Givebutter’s completely free donor management CRM, it couldn't be easier to manage all your donations and donors in one place. Whether the donations happen on your website or directly on your Givebutter campaign page, it all comes together in your Givebutter dashboard, where you can pull reports and send targeted messages to your supporters.

Passing source tracking data to Givebutter is easy!

To pass source tracking data (aka attribution data) to your Givebutter dashboard, simply add unique URL parameters to each marketing link/URL pointing to your website.

  • All UTM parameters supported
  • Pass unlimited custom parameters using Givebutter's gba_ prefix
  • Parameters also pass to Google Analytics when it is installed on your website

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I am part of a large high school, and our team has 70+ members. The number one problem Givebutter solves for me is providing an affordable platform to fundraise effectively. In the past, if I raised $15,000, I'd be lucky to receive $12,000 of that, since other platforms took 20–30% of the money raised. Being in a large, urban high school, EVERY DOLLAR counts. Givebutter is the BEST solution, period. Having used a number of online, crowdsourcing fundraising platforms, Givebutter has some unique advantages: team-based fundraising, fundraising through text, QR Codes, iFrame support on external web pages, different fundraising categories (i.e. tickets, crowdsourcing, or payment)... I could go on. It's the best, most equitable, easy-to-use fundraising platform I have found in 26 years of education.

Ben Startzer

Teacher & Head Football Coach

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Track the effectiveness of different marketing strategies by knowing how each donor found your fundraising campaign

Source Tracking